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Learn How To Play Bubble Shooter Game Apk On Android


We are here to tell you that how to play bubble shooter game. In the past few years, Bubble Shooter apk got very much popular. It is easy to play and an addictive game. Somehow this game is a mixture of two games Connect Four and Tetris. These two games were the trendiest games of all times played by millions of people. This is also the reason for Bubble Shooter popularity.

Wait! We can explain further!

You just need a second to begin the bubble shooter games. Once you start playing I bet you can’t stop yourself. Coins that you earn while playing the game will motivate you very much. The more you play the more you earn. Isn’t it cool? Now lets come to over the main topic of how to play bubble shooter.

How To Play Bubble Shooter

How to Play Bubble Shooter Apk

  • Open Application of bubbles shooting games
  • You will see a road of missions.
  • As you are a beginner you will have to play round 1.
  • Tap on round 1
  • Once the game begins, place your thumb on the screen.
  • A coloured dotted line will appear.
  • Math the colour from the available ball on the top with the ball ready to shoot and took your figure from the screen.
  • If the ball hit the same colour ball as it is then you will earn points.
  • The balls will automatically disappear in the game bubble shooter.

How To Install Bubble Shooter apk In Phone

There are many ways to install a bubble game on your mobile phone and enjoy its endless fun but there are two authentic ways to install. One is Google play store and the other is oversite Bubble Shooter apk.  As you know, many websites provide fake links but you will not face this issue on our site. If you still suffer from any kind of inconvenience don’t forget to let us know in the comment section. We will surely take action against your complaint. Now let me tell you to step by step how to install this amazing game.

How To Install Bubble Shooter

Google Play Store:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search Bubble Shooter in it.
  • Open the game.
  • Tap on install button.
  • The game is now installing.
  • Check the progress there or from the notification bar.
  • Once it is installed, then you can play the game.

Our site Bubble Shooter Apk

  • Open google.com.
  • Search our site bubbleshooterapk.com.
  • Open the site.
  • Find Downloading link.
  • Press on the Downloading link.
  • Now wait for the application to install
  • Check the progress in the notification bar.
  • Once it is downloaded, Install it.
  • Now enjoy your game.



Play Bubble Shooter Online:

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