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Bubble Shooter Game was released by Absolutist LTD for pc users in 2002. This game is like the Puzzle Bobble arcade game that was first time released by Taito in 1994 for pc users. Bubble shooter game was ported to ios in 2010 for Apple iPhone users. It was ported to Android in 2012 for Android mobile phone users. Latter Absolutist LTD sold the Bubble shooter IP to Ilyon Dynamics LTD in 2015 that is Israel based mobile games development company. Till now Ilyon Dynamics puzzle game bubble shooters has crossed the 50 million downloads mark on android and ios collectively.

Bubble Shooter Game

Bubble shooter game is more addictive and classic bubble pop game. Its players play it like a classic shooter. It is like a puzzle that sharpens the mind of any game player. The challenging and interesting levels of bubbles shooting games make it addictive for any mobile phone game player. The bubble shooter game has long lasting 2000 levels. This is the most impressive aspect of this android or ios mobile phone game. If we talk about its layout, the layout of bubble shooter game is classic but more attractive than any other bubble shooting puzzle games.

Bubble Shooter Game:

Bubble shooter game is easy to play. Any lay user can play it perfectly due to its colourful bubbles and easy playing modes. In bubble shooter game after every five levels, there is a surprise gift for a game player. Surprise gift includes gold coins, fireballs and bombs that destroy bubbles when the user needed. Bubble games for free game currently featured with a colourblind mode and daily rewards.

free bubble shooter games to play now

Bubble shooter game is free to play classic and addictive bubble pop game. It is easy to play. In Bubble games free you have to just match at least three same colour bubbles to pop them. Arrange the bubbles, shoot them and they are gone. In Bubble shooter game if you pop the 7 bubbles in a row you will get the reward of fire bubble. Drop ten or more bubbles at once to get the bomb. The Bubble game has a Bubble Quest that contains 5 levels. Complete all these levels and at the end, you will get a big surprise reward that can either be gold coins or lives. You can connect with your Facebook profile to share your successful level completion moments with your friends.

Bubble Shooter Apk Modes:

Bubble shooter game has 2 playing modes. One is Arcade and other is Classic playing mode. You can choose any mode of your choice from its settings. A bubble game has nice dialogue pop-ups to communicate with the user, that make it easy to play and cause of its familiarity in mobile phone game players. With this time killing puzzle Bubble shooting game train your mind by blasting the bubbles online or offline. If you want to relax and sharpen your mind, hurry up install it and enjoy the best ever bubble shooting game. You will observe best playing experience by playing this game. Due to its familiarity, Bubble shooter game gets 4.3 stars from 3.4 lac user reviews.




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