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Here we are providing you with one of the most attractive and addictive game available. Bubble Shooter is an addictive Game for all age groups. It is an amazing bubble shooting game with high-quality graphics. It was released in 2002 but not for the smartphones. After seeing its daily growing popularity the developers thought to launch it for smartphones as the smartphone is getting better day by day. In 2010 they launched it for IOS. After receiving good reviews and request from Android users they launched this amazing game for them in 2012.

There are many amazing laps present in this game. You will not see the same lap again. Laps are not really tough but your way of playing can make it tough for you. You have to change your playing strategies for each and every lap. It has a nice and attractive interface that will make you more comfortable while playing. It has a total of 340 laps that mean it will take at least 2 months to complete. It will only happen if you are addicted to a good game and have a nice taste in gaming.

When you open bubble shooter game for the very first, You will encounter a colored box containing different colored balloons. Firstly you have to play with the default setting. After some time you can change it ass according to your desire and needs. As i mentioned before it is very easy to play if you play it correctly. In this game, you have to burst bubbles having the same colors by shooting a bubble of the same color towards them. There must be at least three bubbles placed together then you can burst them. If you fail then that bubble will be added in the upper row. After failing five times you game will add one row by its own that will increase difficulty. You have to be sharp while playing this game.

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