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Bubble Shooter is really an exciting game can be played by toddlers as well as elders. Here free bubble shooter games to play now is available to play. The kids and toddlers of this century are much faster than that of almost half-century back. They have changed their way to spend their leisure time from physical activities to smart games, video games on Mobiles and computer.

A mobile game is a video game played on feature phone smartphone/tablet, smartwatch, PDA, Portable media player or graphics calculator. In 1997, NOKIA launched the very successful Snake, that was preinstalled in the most mobile devices manufactured by Nokia. But today’s video games are much different than that. Lets we talk about our topic that is Bubble Shooter Apk.

Bubble Shooter

Play Bubble Shooter Online:

Without any age restriction, kids and adults all adore this game. Kids play the fun arcade game bubble shooter. It is very easy to play. Bubble Shooter Games is actually a clone of Puzzle Bobble was released in 1984. It was released in 2002. It was to iOS in 2010 and ported to Android in 2012. In 2015 Absolutist sold the bubble shooter apk new IP to Ilyon Dynamics LTD.

You can play Bubble Shooter Original  thousand time and you will not see a single lap again. You have to change your winning strategies in every lap that is the reason that this game is complex and simple at the same time. The basic of bubble shooter game is very simple and may occur almost kiddish in design, but do not let yourself be fooled. It is easy to play but laborious to become a champ and it is for this main reason that bubble shooter apk mod is grant worldwide.

Bubbles Shooting Games is an addictive game with 341+ puzzles. Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble match game to pop the puzzle. Pop and tilt your way through over 341 addictive puzzles with excitement that’s packed with adventure! The bubble shooter game online has a soft spot in the hearts of most casual gamers. The casual gamers can enjoy it for so long that it’s a better thing to engage with spare time. This game is most famous for its attractive and colourful graphics. Kids love to play this game because of its baby loving sounds, colourful balls and popping out of bubbles.

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Requirements For Bubble Shooter:

Your device must need all minimum requirements to open this product.

OS Window version 10586 or higher

Architecture                 x64

Ram                           512 MB

Size                    49 MB


  • More than 341 magic levels to complete!
  • And more puzzles are coming soon.
  • Easy and fun to play, challenging to master
  • 4 special boosters help you get a high score.
  • Cute dragon pups boost your points.
  • Pop bubble with extension line.
  • Bubble pop with lightning bubbles.
  • Unlimited lives.
  • Play with friends.
  • Smooth gaming experience.

Game Design And Layout:

When you open the Bubble Shooter Application for the first time, you will see an attractive coloured box having different coloured balloons/balls. This setting you encounter for the first is the default setting of this amazing game. Users are bound to play with this setup for the first. When it comes to output, it totally depends upon the how you play the game or how you aim the other balls of the same colour. In the bottom of your phone, you will find a ball that you have to shot.


While shooting the bubble you will see an  arrow leading your mouse cursor and it will make fairly easy to spot a correct objective. When you are about to hit your next bubble, you will see your awaiting bubble. In this way, you will always be one step forward. And you can play rendering to the following bubble.

On the board, You have your own game option on the right side. In this game options

You can restart the game,

search help on how to play bubble SHOOTER,

change the game settings, such as

board colour,


saving mechanics and

sound volume.

Here you are also able to pattern your individual high scores. Once you get a hang for it, it is very informal to improve. And by saving your personal archives, you will always have something to equate yourself. Use your previous results as a motivation to score a new high score and to become a better puzzle bubble shooter. Everything naturally become more fascinating, even if it is just a video game.

Learn Colours:                                                                                                      

Now, this is the time that has taught our toddlers to learn in a short time and in the best way. Bubble Shooter is a good way to learn colours for kids. Kids love colours when the different band colourful balls are given to hit the contrasting colour and to pop kids can learn. They can easily recognize colours.

How To Play Bubble Shooter

How to Play Bubble Shooter Apk?


As already declared, The Game Bubble Shooter is very easy to learn. The rules of the game are very elementary, and that’s why the game adjust all ages if anyone knows how to click the cursor, are able to discriminate the colours, and can have some kind of ratiocination that you can apply to the game when you bash the bubbles. The impetus of Bubble Shooter is to remove all the bubbles place together in a lines by aiming and hitting them. Clusters of bubbles are detached when you hit a bubble of a same colour with your bubble of the contrasting colour.

As an essential part of A Bubble Game, you have to confirm that the bunch of bubbles you decide to point is of the same colour you are shooting. You may be fortunate that you hit a twine or flock of multiple linking bubbles, but usually, you will only be able to remove two, three or four bubbles at a time. If there is only one bubble of the colour you are shooting the bubble will not burst, it needs two or more bubbles to strike with, to be removed.

Firstly Find few bubbles to point at. Best case layout would be to point at least 2 linked bubbles of the same colour. Shoot the bubble or twine of bubbles and hope you strike the target. Start over, with an objective to complete the lap by removing all the bubbles present on your screen screen.

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Further Details:

If you directly or indirectly hit two or more bubbles at a time. Most bubble shooter online free games don’t have a time limit, every so often when you fail to pop combination of bubbles, the rows of bubbles will drop a level to the game and at a high level in the game they may drop several rows at once.

Bubble Shooter will be too uncomplicated if you could drop all bubbles without being penalized for it. If you fail to burst any bubble in five strikes then more bubbles of same colour will be added by default on a height of the board if you want to make the game successively harder so make more mistakes.

Due of this, you cannot just sit moderate, lighten, and hope for the lap to end by its on regardless of how many issues and mistakes you do – you Always have to be conscious of hitting the correct ones make sure you an ultimate victory. It benefits you the way you flavour the mastery when you pop the right Bubles, but the Bubble Shooter android game also troubles you for being careless at times when striking bubbles in real is an option.

If you eliminate a colour completely, the colour will not be shown again. By the time a colour is fully gone, you are generally near to prevail. You will feel that the Bubble Shooter will get a more fun and easier with  small numbers of colours to work with. Naturally, a bigger bunch of less diversity of colourful bubbles will occur and therefore it will be more simple, easy and require less exactness to hit the adverts you want to a sensation.

Tips and tricks to play bubble shooter :

For every game that has been changed into product application, there is a certain procedure that by positive use of them will permit you to either win the bubble game quickly or make the game fun and easier for the players in one specific way or another way. Despite the immediate simplicity of Bubble Shooter, game easing procedure are a big part of it.

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Free Bubble shooter Game is one of the most famous games in the world, it is recurrently used in the world and a appears as a highly ranked game. The tricksters produced many of there applications by using the well-known name of bubble shooter. Such as Bubble Shooter Quest is a clone of Bubble Shooter. Many of there games are as flow.

-Bubble Shooter Oasis Rescue

-Bubble Birds V- Color Bird Shooter

-Power Pop Bubbles

-Pop up Power Bubble

-Bubble Shooter Flying Pop

-Bubble Shooter 2

-Bubble Shooter Puzzle

-Shooter Classic

-Bubble Shooter 3

-Bubble Shooter Genies

-Ice Queen Bubble Shooter

They all have their different feature, illustration and graphics and even comparison with Bubble Shooter they have low but a typical ranking. The updated Version of Bubble Shooter is BUBBLE SHOOTER 2018.

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Bubble Shooter free download

As it is mentioned above that Bubble Game is free to download for any androids and windows via Play store or any other site. But this game bears 49 MB of free space or it may vary from the mentioned and requires 512 MB ram. Search your Bubble Shooter on the web browser you like. You can Easily Bubble Shooter Free Download

First of all, we should download WinRAR and setup file through any source that must be IDM or Torrent (torrent is a file sharer) or direct to your browser. WinRAR is a software that extracts or compress files.

Then we will have to search Bubble Shooter Apk which will result from us in many relevant options and one of that will “bubble shooter for pc download”. Now click on the image now scroll the screen till you find DOWNLOAD. So, download it directly, now we have to go there where we download our file. Now go to its option and extract the bubble shooter file. It will ask for a password that is “MOBLIE” that will generate another file by the name of Bubble Shooter and install it directly as we install any setup. After instaling this game the first question raised is How To Play Bubble Shooter Game Apk. Don’t worry we will provide you with a complete guide that how you can play and earn more coins in The Game Bubble Shooter.



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